Bill Faeth has been involved in real estate for almost 25 years with both commercial and residential investing. In 2015, he switched the majority of his residential portfolio to short term rentals from long term after seeing an opportunity to increase profit and reduce risk.

Bill currently has a multi-million dollar portfolio of short term rental properties primarily located in vacation rental markets with a focus on beach, lake, and mountain properties. He has leveraged years of successful business growth strategies to specialize in maximizing vacation rental profits by turning $50,000 annual revenue properties into $90,000 properties yielding high profit via self-management.

Bill shares these profit-boosting strategies along with how to self-manage, holding real estate, and so much more so you can build your short term rental wealth while your guests make your mortgage payments.

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Whether you’re a new or experienced real estate investor, I can help you keep yourself above the noise of competition and build true scalable wealth by finding undervalued luxury properties and marketing them to the perfect buyer.

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